When I first started working with the two of you, I had a specific goal in mind...that I was to wear size 12 clothes. Well..thought I'd fill you in on my weekend. I went shopping and literally nothing fit...well, little fit, and I automatically picked up size 14 suits. Well...they didn't fit. I purchased 6 new suits yesterday, all size 12. I wanted to thank you both for kicking me in the butt when i needed it, your support, and your encouragement. You are true partners and I'm feeling really good today. Just wondering...should I aim for a size 10? Have a great day gentlemen - I know I am. One last thing, I turn 54 today and I feel better than I did years ago. J.V.

Hi Robert,
My personal thanks to you for addressing the "menapause" issue. It's so complicated and very different for each woman that goes through it. Personally, it's been long and difficult, but exercise has made my life and the lives of the people I love so much easier. It's not complicated for me, I just know that when work out, I feel better. You and your trainers have made it easier for me to make this my lifestyle. I also appreciate that "Robert's One On One" has become my place where I can always be welcome and always be healthy. Even if I slip, I know you, Byron, Eric, and Edna will always be there, and always be TOUGH and not take any of my crappy excuses!!
I enjoy every moment that I'm with you guys. And dang, menopause SUCKS!!!! Have a great weekend.

The experience at Robert's One On One is head and shoulders above all other gyms I have belonged to. The facilities are great and the trainers are the real deal in the industry. My trainer, Eric McGee, has given me the motivation and knowledge to get the most out of my workouts. He also has given me the nutritional advice and incentive to workout at home. I have lost inches and weight and feel great! So, in short, going to Robert's One On One has been the best thing I have ever done for myself! - Rick Menna, Owner of Coffee Cup Restaurant, Downingtown, PA

Robert - I wanted to let you know how very pleased we all were with our first class. Tom was an excellent fit for the group and was most prepared to lead us our first night. Clearly he had done his homework and had developed a program that worked for his "mature" audience. He was kind, encouraging, and flexible in meeting the needs of the women in the group (one with a shoulder issue, one with a knee issue, etc.). We all left with smiles on our faces and needed no assistance to the car. Thanks, Robert, for helping me make this happen. See you next week!

I just want to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with my trainer, Eric. He has been a constant supporter of me as I continue to go through my training sessions. Also, I would like to tell you how comfortable I am working with Cindy (nutritionist) who is helping me with my weight goals. Cindy is teaching me how to eat for a way of life and not as a way to diet and crave...I commend you on such a wonderful facility. It was mentioned to me that you are all family, and,  I have to agree; I feel like part of the family. Thanks so much for a dedicated staff! - Lori, West Chester

Dear Edna and Robert,
 Thank you so much for such great news! I am so excited and must tell you how much I enjoy working with all of you at Robert's.  It has truly been a mind enhancing experience for me to actually be able to get up in the morning and put on a smaller size of clothing and have complete strangers speak to me about my body image during the day! I know this is a life changing adventure for me and I vow to make myself healthy for the rest of my life! Thank you again and i look forward to working with you again in 2008. - Happy Holidays! JC

It's an adult's playground for working out! - Kerri, West Chester

My personal training has changed not just my body, but my soul and my attitude! It feels good to finally get in real shape for the first time in my life. Getting strong here enables strength in all areas of my life. It is hard work but good work.  - Marie Louise, Pheonixville

Abs of steel? Abs of Edna! This girl has me looking better after 6 weeks than 2 years on my own at a regular gym. Robert's One On One is a great facility and I love the entire staff. - Rebekah, Malvern

I love that this is a gym just for personal training. I have felt comfortable since the first day. I'm actually seeing results I've never seen before and I love it! 
- Erika, Haverford (yes, I drive from Haverford!)

Training at Robert's One On One has been a very positive experience in all ways. Two hours per week with a personal trainer has helped me lose body fat and weight, look much leaner and toned, and become stronger. This is the best fitness program, with the best visible results and changes, that I have ever experienced. The facility is bright, upbeat, and clean and the staff are friendly and encouraging. - Dorothy, Downingtown