Our nutrition programs are designed specifically for each individual. The average weight loss for 10 weeks is 19.49 lbs. Eric McGee is a certified nutrition consultant who will design a program specific to your weight loss goals and needs. The program includes weekly one-on-one check-ins. Eric will monitor and adjust your program. Ultimately, you will lose those unwanted pounds. 

Week 1                                                      Weeks 2 through 9

Weigh-In                                                    Check-In
Complete Body Mesurements                      Weigh-In
Medical History                                          Diet Review
Exersice History                                          Diet Adjustments
Personal Information                                   Q & A Session
Diet History
Current Diet Review
Personal Restrictions / Limitations
Great Individualuzed Diet & Supplements
                                                    Weekly and Daily Guidelines
                                                    Weekly Appointment Scheduling